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The GRE Has Evolved. So Should You!

For thousands of students, GRE is the gateway to better education and career opportunities in the US every year. Since 2011 the exam has undergone major fundamental changes, resulting in the “new GRE”. The test methodology has seen a major overhaul and new types of questions are incorporated to make the test reflective of the upcoming graduate studies.

This means the old approach of preparation is not going to give you a competitive edge. Now you need to evolve and begin thinking according to the new pattern of the test. Are you ready?

Score the Perfect 340

MockGRE.com is designed with the goal of helping you crack the new GRE. No matter what your level currently, with our well-researched and goal-oriented study programs you are sure to ace the GRE and land up with your dream career. Here’s why MockGRE.com is the best bet for GRE preparation:

  • Completely revised material: The courses at MockGRE.com have been completely rewritten in tune with the new GRE. That means you get to experience the new GRE and feel right at home before you take the actual test.
  • GRE-like tests: Our tests closely simulate the new GRE experience. The test engine has been upgraded and made adaptive in nature, and the test format mirrors the new GRE exam accurately.
  • Expert content development: The course material at MockGRE.com has been developed by the very experts in the field, and follows all the guidelines provided by ETS. From strategy to course material to selection of questions, everything has been done according to the new paradigm.
  • Full review and explanations: We help you not only experience the GRE, but also work on your weaknesses. All the tests come with answers in full detail, and can be reviewed according to your comfort. You can also download the tests and save them for future reference.

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Want to check how you currently stand for the new GRE? Our free mock test lets you measure that. Many more such tests are part of the packages we offer, and are the proven way of successful GRE preparation. Like us on Facebook to get started with your free test now!

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